The Pathfinder

have you got a plan for 2022 and beyond ?

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Don’t step into 2022 without a plan.

Are you prepared for the decades of Destiny? (2022-2040)

The decade we have just moved into I believe will be the most Significant Decade of our life.

This program will provide the Compass and the rails you need to fulfil your Destiny.

2022 is a new year & you can’t afford to not be adequately prepared for it.

The Pathfinder Goal Management System

This Incredible Tool That I Developed Was Conceived in My heart 29 years ago.

If you want to achieve your Goals you need to stay on track & you can’t stay on track without rails.This program will provide the rails you need to fulfill your Destiny. 2022 is a new year & now is the time to start preparing in earnest for it.

This journal will enable you to among other things focus on

  • Planning strategically for your Next 10 – 20 years
  • The Power of Focus
  • The Power of Doing Less to make More
  • The Power of Tracking ….. and lots More.

At the accompanying workshops I will teach you How to Increase your Productivity & Effectiveness by Doing Less using
this amazing system that has worked for me over the last 14 years of teaching and using it.

Dr Sola Fola-Alade

January 2022.